A world first project

Wave Swell Energy (WSE) is currently developing a 200 kW wave energy project on King Island, Tasmania, adjacent to the harbour at the township of Grassy.

This project is being developed in collaboration with Hydro Tasmania, the energy provider on the island and a world leader in the integration of renewables into remote island grids. Together, WSE and Hydro Tasmania will not only deliver energy from the project into the local grid via the King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project but also independently meter the energy produced and, therefore, validate the efficacy of the project.

Besides producing renewable electricity for the island, thereby reducing the usage of diesel fuel, the King Island Project aims to demonstrate the commercial viability of the technology when deployed at large scale. All aspects of the project are currently proceeding smoothly and without significant challenges.

The King Island hybrid grid will be the first in the world to be powered by three different renewable sources – wave, wind and solar.

The project commenced in March 2019 and is on schedule and budget. The 200 kW unit is expected to be operational by mid 2020.

Thank you to the following groups for their involvement in bringing a world first project to market.